Location scouting for my graduation film vol.1

Hello, currently I’m in the process of writing a script for my graduation film. It’s supposed to be set around the area of a water reservoir in eastern Slovakia, near Ukrainian borders. Main character is a lifeguard, who spends her whole summer working there struggling to find out what to do with her life.

To get a better perspective I decided to look around. I’m sharing a few photos of the location with a red medical portable office. I managed to arrive at the right time to capture beautiful looking clouds which I hope we can capture during production as well. There are just a few caravans left representing the atmosphere of the end of summer which I’m aiming for.

Locations are in my opinion as important as any other aspect of the film. Choosing the right location can create the needed atmosphere for the scene and also save you a lot of trouble. Sometimes you know where you want to shoot years before it happens, sometimes you find your location on the day of the shooting. It all depends on your process, none of it is right or wrong, just the first option feels way less stressful.

Pavol Hirjak